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In the workplace, everything is pretty much dynamic when it comes to your daily schedule. There’s not really one thing that is set for you at the start of each day. What’s the worst for any company is/are supervisors who don’t keep on track of what their direct reports/subordinates do each day.  This then cascades down to loss of productivity and not even meeting/exceeding expectations.

Taking myself for example, I am a rank and file employee, and I’m pretty much left to fend on my own- that stemming from my supervisor constantly arriving at work in the afternoon when in fact he should be timing in no less that an hour after 8. Now if I wasn’t actually mindful of the expectations of me, I wouldn’t be doing anything if I could afford it.

But the stakes are too high and I wouldn’t let the department run down through his truancies.  Here’s to mindful and organizational-compatible direct-reports!


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