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I spent a few days holed up at home as soon as I arrived in Baguio City. Normally I’d go to the local mall and get a cup of coffee to help win my battle against the cold but I saw no point in doing so. It was cold though! Rumors turned into facts as soon as the media and the local weather station confirmed temperature levels dropping down to (if my memory serves me well) 8 or 9 degrees Celsius. On some nights I had a girl’s warm and hot body to stop me from shivering and boy, let me tell you, she really knows how to freak it. LOL. Also, another close buddy from California, Mart decided to spend the holidays up in Baguio City as since his mom and grandma lived there. Here are a few pictures taken all over Baguio City from 2010 to 2011.



  1. saya tlga sa baguio!

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