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I’m trying to diversify my blog to cover a lot more ground not only limited to work. A travel blog perhaps; If I had the money at all to provide myself some luxury of course. Caylabne Bay Resort is located in Ternate, Cavite – a 2 hour drive from Metro Manila.  The place is quite old, and the sight of Corregidor island from its cove gives you an eerie feeling of what has transpired over the 20 or so years ever since the resort has been set up.

I imagined the resort to be a resting place for them Joe’s when they were still here in the Philippines, sans the VFA. The mini-condo units are top notch but the hotel is just basic and run of the mill. Victoria Court offers much better rooms. lol

The rates aren’t that friendly either.  PHP 5,000.00 for a room is just too much. Then again, most of the people staying here are foreigners, and I’m not. Talking about customer service, our contact for the day is what we call a greenhorn or a rookie.  Doesn’t help when you’re thrown out to great white sharks like me, and I felt sorry for him one time when I stared into his eyes just because he couldn’t answer my questions. Resort pictures after the break.


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