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I took a couple of snaps driving through Cavite, coming from Caylabne Bay Resort for a weekend R&R. There’s really not much for introductions as the stories comes from the pictures themselves. Hit the images after the jump.

I stayed in a suite that cost around PHP 5,000.00 for a night. Eeeep. The only nice thing about it was the veranda.


The view from it is another thing. There’s really not much to see. Meh.


And yes, I love to snoop around other people’s bedrooms. No sexytime here. You can also tell that upkeep isn’t the best and minded so much.


Getting out of the room offers you a better taste when you hit the beach front. The cool South China Sea definitely helps quench the summer heat.


The zig-zag roads leading up to Caylabne Bay Resort should be met with safety driving etc. After a long, tiring weekend, it’s quite hard to equip myself in staying awake and it begs the question, why the hell am I leaving Caylabne? Oh I could stay there forever..


On the way out I decided to drop by a sari-sari store to quench my thirst. This is what I love about Cavite as well – barren, developed roads where I can make baby Jazz do top speeds and not really worry about pedestrians.


For visitors to my blog not from the Philippines, here’s what we call a “sari-sari store”. Basically, the way this works is that this kind of store is usually family owned, beside the family’s own house, managed by a family member, and sells daily consumable items which can be otherwise bought at the local grocery malls. Want more insight about sari-sari stores? Hit the comments and let me give you economics and related literature.


As with all my road travels, I’ve always liked it whenever I pass by tree shades like the one shown below. The transition from sunny to shadowed gives me a feeling of…… (it’s unexplainable. Yes, you may call me weird now.



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