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This has been going through my mind the past few months already and I decided to buy something and bite the bullet today (I didn’t want to use “burn my wallet” as it’s too sissy so I decided on “biting the bullet” instead).

Runner's World

No. I did not freaking buy a magazine with a fucking gay dude on the cover.

THIS, BELOW, is what I bought. I bought a huge brown paper bag. Let’s uncover it, shall we?


Awesomeness.  A Nike product. I did some editing too to make the swoosh stand out. iAwesomeAtEditing. Now, to unbox it further.


Ta-da! Yeah, when you open the box, it’s like a pop-up cartoon, only, it’s shoes that pop out (corny). Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the Nike Zoom Vomero +5. The Nike Zoom Vomero +5 falls into the Neutral category of running shoes.


Here’s a little video of the Nike Zoom Vomero +5.

I’m a little bit excited to run these babies on Friday next week and the office’s technopark will perfect to be an ideal training ground for noobies like me. This will be a start of good things to come. I plan to quit smoking and lessen my drinking details, to which the ultimate goal will be to totally eradicate them. Pretty good exchange deal for a PHP 5,195.00 investment. Available at Toby Sport’s, Nike Stadiums and Nike Parks.



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