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A few weeks ago, I bought running shoes.  It wasn’t only until Friday last week that I was able to wear them and get the chance to burn some rubber.  Let me share my first experience.

Now, it’s been a while since I last had any strenuous exercise. (Not counting the sex, I guess.) But since I was arrogant enough to say to myself that I could probably run 5kms in 30 minutes, I went straight to battle. I didn’t do any warm-up as I was too excited to run in the Vomero’s and my newly acquired Nike and Adidas apparel. Vain, conceited.

Adrenaline got to me. I was flying fast for the first 7 minutes and by the time I reached my 1st kilometer, I was panting like a wet dog on a sunny day.


I had no choice but to stop, my legs couldn’t carry me and I felt kind of wobbly.  I walked for a couple of minutes and would run again in some type of interval.  My body just couldn’t take it that day.

The next day, Saturday, I went swimming in Eagle Ridge Country Club in General Trias, Cavite.  I thought it was a nice combination to the total workout I’ve been eyeing.  Here are a few snaps I took.

The wind was very strong on that day, so the rope floats were sorta swaying around and messing my trajectory.  I did 15 laps, but my legs weren’t really cooperating because the previous day’s running session.


There’s really a homey feel to the country club.  I always have a thing of beach flags, seen at the far right of the picture.


Now, I’m a dude that believes in technology a lot. So aside from work, it gets cascaded down to my fitness regimen. Here are training paddles I’ve previously bought a few months ago from Speedo. For PHP1,200.00 a pair, you’ll never go wrong in building strength, stamina and power in your strokes once you take these babies off.


Sunday was a rest day for me, and I probably had one of them better sleeps in a looong time. I was beat, tired and needed to rejuvenate.

Here’s where the psychology comes in: Monday. Throughout the day, all I kept on thinking about was running.  Fast forward to the work day ending and running for the first 3 minutes felt like I was going to have cramps. (I didn’t bother to stretch and warm-up as I’m still arrogant.)  I, however, felt like there was a surge of power in today’s run.  The normal landmark where I would’ve usually pant like a dog was surpassed. The most important thing to think about is, I’m making progress.

I must.

I downloaded the runtastic app for the blackberry and it can track all my sports activities (outdoor and indoor) with GPS. Other OS ecosystems such as Android, iOS are also supported.  A few screenshots (from the PC) can be seen after the break below.



Anyway, I was having “withdrawal symptoms” from smoking and I just had to smoke one cigarette awhile ago. Damn.


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