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no money to give for christmas carolers? or they’re just shouting at the top of their voices? no worries, I is here to help! (i meant to say “I is”) want to annoy them so the word gets spread around of your holiday spirit? follow any of the steps below! (reminder. not to be taken seriously)

1) release all the neighbors azkals and proceed with body count the next day.

2) when they finish their songs, give them pieces of stones as payment. proceed in explaining that during the birth of santa, the bato were the form of payments and you’re just upholding the christmas spirit.

3) sing carols with the group, but do it in your best “agent orange by slapshock” voice.

4) while the group is singing, howl like michael jackson and grab your crotch. do both every other 5 seconds.

5) if you really don’t have money, give them each a piece of unlit charcoal. tell them para di sila lamigin sa panahon ng baguio. lighter/matches not included.

6) if you absolutely must, give them one peso and laugh with “ho ho ho, merry christmas!” (make sure to throw it away from the door/gate)

and the last one

7) blast your speakers with the oppa gangnam song. if the carolers dance to the beat, sabihin mo na they should pay you instead kasi you entertained them.


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