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You know what would probably end the persistent traffic problem in EDSA? (This does not cover provincial routes, so let’s leave that consideration for another post.)

Set up a couple dozen electric trams in a calamity-resisting and self-repairing circular loop with modules, double deckers if needed, that can be freely added/taken away at base stations point to point EDSA depending on smart load demand forecasts taken from current understudies, to be logistically managed by a self sustaining computer with capable fuzzy logic A.I. overseen by a group of think tanks amounting to probably 4 people on a rotation of 6 hours each to be paid with a starting pay of PHP 60,000.00 per month, mandated by internal corporate by-laws to be merited annually since we’re talking about looking after the safety of hundreds of thousand commuters daily, that will be run by a private corporation (or a conglomerate of private corporations up to the highest bidder) with profit in mind, and with additional funding with it being a partial subsidiary effort of the government and lower supplier costs on electricity based on, again, perceived demand.

The takeaway? Silent, convenient, comfortable, fast and efficient public commute strategy, complete elimination of traffic caused by some PUJs and PUBs, reduction of environmental hazards leading to respiratory diseases and possibly setting up a bike lane to foster a more healthy alternative since in a couple of years, all that filthy air will alleviate.

And that my friends is how you propose a project. Simple steps, without the jargon this time:
1) Identify the problem. 
2) Introduce the solution.
3) Introduce the benefits.
4) Do not let this fall into the conniving hands of some politicians.
5) Get funding.
6) Complete within time frame.
7) Give yourself a pat on the back.
8) Boost infrastructure development and foreign investor confidence.
9) Pogi points for the best country in the world, aking minamahal na Pilipinas.
10) Get laid with plenty of ladies for accomplishing this wonderful feat of engineering.
10.1) Send royalty checks to me monthly for this fool-proof idea.


this is what the newplaystation 4 controller might look like

this is precisely how i feel right now

I’m such a cheat with the snack today haha

no money to give for christmas carolers? or they’re just shouting at the top of their voices? no worries, I is here to help! (i meant to say “I is”) want to annoy them so the word gets spread around of your holiday spirit? follow any of the steps below! (reminder. not to be taken seriously)

1) release all the neighbors azkals and proceed with body count the next day.

2) when they finish their songs, give them pieces of stones as payment. proceed in explaining that during the birth of santa, the bato were the form of payments and you’re just upholding the christmas spirit.

3) sing carols with the group, but do it in your best “agent orange by slapshock” voice.

4) while the group is singing, howl like michael jackson and grab your crotch. do both every other 5 seconds.

5) if you really don’t have money, give them each a piece of unlit charcoal. tell them para di sila lamigin sa panahon ng baguio. lighter/matches not included.

6) if you absolutely must, give them one peso and laugh with “ho ho ho, merry christmas!” (make sure to throw it away from the door/gate)

and the last one

7) blast your speakers with the oppa gangnam song. if the carolers dance to the beat, sabihin mo na they should pay you instead kasi you entertained them.

I was trying to download a CSS script and I got this as a CAPTCHA challenge.

pretty much what my month looks like

Here comes the pain. And it’s only Sunday. Thank you, work life problems. -.-


never worry about the delay of your success compared to others because construction of a pyramid takes more time than an ordinary building.

Eyes are full of eyebags. No pwede can see.